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Meelu Mattress Reviews

Meelu Mattress Reviews

My experience with Meelu has been exceptional, and I’d highly recommend both the product and the company. I had a load of questions when investigating and got a call to talk through each of the points. The ordering process and delivery were great and the mattress is awesome! Its so good, my daughter refuses to sleep in her bed now.

Dominique DHotman – Cape Town

Dear Meelu Team My Meelu experience is going so well!! I am sleeping better and more comfortably and my significant other is not complaining either. It is a little softer than beds I have previously had but I am genuinely enjoying the experience so far. Keep up the great work!

Wesley Martin Grimm – Pretoria

They delivered my mattress to my home in the bush. I have never slept so well I ended up buying two of their pillows. I find it cool in the hot humid conditions of northern KZN.

Geoffrey Michael Walker – Hluhluwe

Sleeps like a dream! Since I got my new Meelu mattress, I haven’t woken up with a sore back – sleeping in never felt this good. The washable cover is a bonus as well.

Beana De Jongh – Ballito

AMAZING! Nothing makes me happier than being able to support a local business especially one that has such a world class product, at great prices and to top it off 5-star customer service. Ordered and delivered so quickly and no regrets. So so so happy I got a Meelu… to many happy nights! Thank you for the special touches – makes all the difference.

Kelly Fraser – Jhb

Excellent client service with an exceptional product.

Jonathan Scholtz - Jhb

Great pillows – very happy, thanks very much! I’ve now become one of those people who always travels with my own pillow to make sure my head is comfortable… Cheers, Richard

Richard Gregory - Cape Town

Hi Marcelle I tried the mattress at your stand in La Lucia Mall. Ordered a day later and 2 days after trying it I had one on my bed. Nothing but good-nights sleep ever since. I would highly recommend this mattress and the company, for their super efficient service.

Allister Clark – Ballito

Anyone who knows me well, knows I don’t “gush” about anything! I bought a Meelu mattress on the recommendations of friends and family and, a month later, have absolutely no regrets. I could go on and describe the buying experience in detail, but I’m not going to – I want you to experience it for yourself. I’m not gonna lie, when our box arrived in the back of a small courier van, I thought, “wait where’s the main course?!”…but trust me, the unboxing is worth the money just in itself! And as for the mattress, we went for the extra-length queen…and just, simply, love it. We appreciate the effort and care that was clearly taken when our mattress was put together. Thank you Meelu

Peter Muller – Jhb

Fantastic service. Bed was delivered on time and we were kept informed from the time of ordering to delivery. The hand written was a lovely touch. Bed is so comfortable and no more tossing and turning. Support in all the right places and having arthritis it really is an important factor. Pillows would make this sleeping experience even better ? Not many companies offer a 100 days to test the mattrass and deliver free of charge and this was also a swaying factor as you really have nothing to lose. Also an added bonus is that the cover can be washed! We chose the queen extra length and that little bit of extra length makes the world of difference. A really good buy and a really good shopping experience. Our sleeping time has become something to look forward to and I no longer wake up with aches and pains

Jacqui Smith – Jeffreys Bay

I have been thoroughly impressed with my Meelu mattress so far. I was a little worried whether or not the mattress would be too soft for my liking as I prefer a firmer mattress and this is kind of a one size fits all approach. I am a qualified Biokinetisist and therefore tend to lead a very active lifestyle so I really do understand the importance of getting a good night’s rest. I am happy to say that Mattress provides enough support without being overly soft. There is definitely some rigidity there, which I like. I have noticed a marked improvement in my sleep patterns, which I have confirmed with my sleep tracker (10% increase in REM cycle time over the last 2 weeks). The biggest surprise improvement over my old conventional mattress is that I don’t seem to overheat as much anymore. Something that tends to afflict a lot of athletic individuals. The Meelu pillow is also really great. It took me 3 days to get used to it as I was using feathered pillows prior to them. I would definitely not go back to feathered pillows due to their lack of structural support, which is very apparent now. All in all, as of this moment in time I am very stoked I decided to invest in my Meelu mattress and pillow.

Devin Daynes - Cape Town

The mattress itself is incredibly comfortable and really does feel like it was designed specifically for our sleeping needs.

Michelle - KZN

From going on the website, to ordering and getting the mattress, to our first night’s sleep; our Meelu Mattress has been a dream.

Grant - KZN

I never could have imagined that such a great mattress could come in a box, but minutes after opening it up I realized what all the fuss was about – Meelu memory foam is incredibly comfortable.

Jared - Durban

I really love this mattress, it’ so comfortable, supportive and the premium quality feels amazing.

Sarah - Durban

We ordered our MEELU MATTRESS a few months back – honestly best ever! …….. JUMP ONLINE, CHECK IT OUT, INVEST IN YOUR SLEEP ☝

Dylan - Ballito

We have been sleeping on our new Meelu mattress for almost a week now and the biggest difference I have noticed is that I am not hearing my husband snore anymore. I am not sure whether this is because I am sleeping so peacefully that I am not hearing him or whether the mattress supports his body better thereby relieving him from the snoring. Either way, I am enjoying my peaceful sleep on my Meelu mattress – I am loving my quiet, comfortable night rest. ? ? ?

Michelle - Cape Town

The response from Meelu was quick and on point. There was even a personalized letter in the delivery box saying thank you for the purchasing of our mattress, and if I have any queries etc. to contact them, I have to date received a call to check if things are all good. This company defies the South African logic of no Service, I have had the best service from them and no other company close to them. THE BEST BUY BY FAR.

Errol - Jhb

I bought a King size Meelu mattress. The service from ordering online to delivery was super efficient and fast. The mattress is very comfortable and I finally wake up without neck/shoulder pain!! Highly recommend this company for the amazing service and the amazing mattress. Thank You!!

Judith - Jhb

Our first impression was good, and we were immediately sure that we had made a good choice. However, we then went away for a fortnight in September where we were faced with a number of different mattresses with very different characteristics and experienced different “sleeps”. On our return home we both agreed that on our first night home we had a very good night’s sleep and were definitely “home” again. We will certainly recommend this mattress to our friends.

Hugh and Dee - Umhlanga Rocks

Simply amazed with the Meelu mattress I purchased. The buying experience was amazing, the mattress arrived within 3 days of placing my order online and the staff were always on hand to assist swiftly with any questions. With regards to the actual mattress it is extremely comfortable and I can not imagine sleeping on anything else. I’m so impressed I’ve just ordered a pillow too. Keep up the good work!!

Ray Blade - Durban

I bought my first Meelu a few years back and have been so delighted with the level of quality and service that I’m now buying a second one!

Liv Gail - Durban

What an amazing mattress! My brother in law brought one up to Harare for me from Ballito. After my first nights sleep on it I felt 20 years younger – none of my usual early morning aches and pains. I am recommending Meelu mattresses to all my friends!

Gail Rea - Harare

Fantastic mattress!! we had a family sleepover and after one night they also ordered one, in total we have ordered 3! I continure to be a happy client of Meelu, words can’t explain what a difference this mattress has made, Your client for life!

Tyrone Naidoo - Durban

I recently started looking for a new bed, I have four dogs that spend some time with me on the bed in the mornings so high load bearing capacity led me to Meelu with an outstanding weightlimit, that is higher than any conventional spring and foam mattress I could find, so Meelu was the obvious answer. Ordering was a breeze, delivery super efficient and the truly amazing thing is that the entire mattress REALLY does fit into that fairly small box!

Sadly my situation changed slightly very shortly after taking delivery of my lovely new mattress and I had to return it. Their return policy states you have 100 days, so about 2 weeks later I contacted Marcelle at Meelu and asked her if I can return it. Now if you were not yet impressed, that will change. No hassle, no haggle, they were understanding, cordial and just amazing. A plastic bag in which to put the mattress was couriered, the waybill for collection was sent, the courier showed up on the elected day, and off went the Meelu. A week later I was refunded fully – to my amazement and with a lot of gratitude. I cannot recommend this company and their product enough.


Jana Cloete - Stellenbosch