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Unboxing undeniable comfort: how we fit a mattress in a box

Unboxing undeniable comfort: how we fit a mattress in a box

Meelu mattresses are designed with your comfort (and your convenience) in mind. From our quality materials to our effective production methods, we really prioritise quality and affordability for our customers to give them the *best* sleep possible. One of the ways we ensure satisfaction is by offering a convenient and easy-to-use delivery method. If you haven’t heard already, we are South Africa’s first mattress in a box! 

Keep reading to discover our secret of how exactly we fit a whole mattress in a box, our production method and how to unbox and set up your new mattress.

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Producing better dreams, one mattress at a time

All of our mattresses are created using a combination of foam layers. The Meelu Hybrid, our most premium mattress, does include patented pocket springs as well, offering targeted back support and pressure relief. 

Our unique combination of foam layers may include:

  • Plush cloud comfort foam 
  • High resilience bounce foam
  • High density support foam
  • Gel infused memory foam
  • Premium firm comfort foam

Each mattress in a box is carefully crafted to deliver a supportive sleeping surface, no matter how you sleep. The result is a mattress that contours to your body and helps reduce pressure points while providing ample support.

Fitting a mattress in a box

At Meelu, we have a secret weapon that makes our mattresses stand out: our unique production method. We carefully compress and roll each mattress into a compact size, making them easy to transport and deliver right to your doorstep. No more awkward moments with delivery guys lugging a bulky mattress through your home! With Meelu, you can have your mattress arrive in perfect condition (in 3-7 working days) without any heavy lifting required. 

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An image of the Meelu mattress unboxed and placed on a wooden bed base. The Meelu logo can be seen clearly.

Unbox your new mattress, set up your sleep for success

When your Meelu mattress arrives, it will be in a compact box that’s easy to move and transport. Here’s how to unbox your mattress and set it up for less body-aches and more sleeping.

1 | First things first, position your Meelu mattress in a box near your bed base. Slide your rolled-up mattress out of the box and place it on the base. Voila! Easy as pie.

2 | Leave the scissors in the drawers. Let’s use the handy cutting tool attached to the insert, which you can find in the box. Cut the first plastic layer. If you accidentally cut through both layers of plastic, don’t sweat it! Just be careful, because your mattress will expand pretty quickly.

3 | Time to get your mattress in place! Ensure your Meelu mattress is positioned on your base with the white layer facing upward. Double-check that the Meelu label stitched onto the mattress is at the foot of your base. Cut the second layer of plastic at the end of the mattress and wait for it to expand. And be careful not to cut the mattress while cutting the plastic.

4 | It’s almost all ready to go! Cut and remove the plastic, make your bed and get ready for a great night’s sleep. Please note that your mattress will take approximately 24 hours to reach its optimum comfort and expansion point, so be patient (it’s so worth it).

Let the zzz-elebrations begin! You’ve successfully unboxed and set up your Meelu mattress. It’s time to finally get the rest your body and mind deserve. 

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Shop your dreamy new mattress online

Elevate your everyday with a Meelu mattress that strikes the perfect balance between firm and soft – providing just the right level of support for your body.

Looking for a mattress that won’t break the bank? Cosy up to the Meelu Life mattress, our entry-level option – perfect for first-time mattress-buyers, teens and tweens. 

The mattress people can’t stop talking about is the Meelu Original. This sleep-inducing masterpiece is designed and engineered with four heavenly foam layers. 

The mattress worth committing to is the Meelu Hybrid. Featuring patented pocket springs that provide targeted back support and pressure relief, this mattress will cradle your body and transport you to a world of unparalleled comfort. You’ll never want to leave the bed again. 

Pile on a new Meelu foam pillow for snuggles all weekend long. 

Our mattresses each come with a 100-night risk-free trial, a 10+ year warranty and an easy-to-wash zip off cover. Get your mattress in a box delivered to your door in 3-7 working days. Did we mention the free delivery?

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