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Sleeping apart together: The Scandinavian sleep method that gets it right

Sleeping apart together: The Scandinavian sleep method that gets it right

Living with a partner brings its own blend of joy and challenges. It’s like a never-ending sleepover. It’s full of moments of figuring out the lines between ‘mine’ and ‘ours’. We all agree that everyone should have their own toothbrush, right? But then there’s the sharing of the toothpaste, the wardrobe, and that one cosy blanket on the couch. And while each person claims their side of the bed, what about the blanket situation on top? Here, the Scandinavian sleep method offers a harmonious solution. No more midnight tug-of-war, just cosy, uninterrupted Z’s. 

Sleeping next to your partner is actually good for you

There’s something intimate and comforting about going to sleep and waking up to your loved one. And, according to studies, it’s good for your health, too. 

It can lower your blood pressure, thanks to the release of oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone.” This reduction in blood pressure contributes to overall cardiovascular health.

Additionally, sharing a bed can lead to a decrease in inflammation. When you feel safe and secure beside your partner, your body releases lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. As a result, you experience reduced inflammation, promoting a healthier immune system.

But, if you share your bed with a partner, you may not always feel as if you’re getting the best sleep possible. Fighting over the blankets or enduring someone’s tossing and turning can lead to restless nights and frustration.

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The Scandinavian sleep method can help you sleep better, apart

Popular in countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the Scandinavian sleep method is praised for its sleep benefits. 

The idea is that partners sleep in the same bed but don’t share a single duvet or comforter. Instead, each partner gets their own blanket. 

Why does having separate blankets seem to be an effective trick? Sharing the same comforter during sleep can lead to issues related to movement and temperature control, disrupting the quality of rest. This method is particularly revealing given Scandinavian countries’ consistently high sleep quality rankings. Studies indicate that nations like the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden have some of the best sleep habits worldwide.

Benefits of the Scandinavian sleep method

The 2-duvet system, also known as the Scandinavian sleep method, provides sleepers with complete freedom over their bedding, even when co-sleeping. This customisable bedding situation maximises the ideal sleeping environment for you and your partner. Here are some of our favourite benefits of using individual duvets:

It gets rid of potential sleep disturbances

The greater the chances of sleep disruptions in your surroundings (such as ambient light, noises, and movements), the higher the likelihood of experiencing poor sleep. Even the most minor movements in bed have the potential to rouse someone from sleep.

While it’s certainly helpful if your kids wake you up to alert you about being sick or an intruder in the house, it’s less ideal when it’s your partner shifting positions and tugging the covers again and again. The Scandinavian sleep method offers a simple solution to minimise the typical disturbances that occur when sharing a bed.

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It helps keep the temperature just right while you sleep

Sharing a single blanket can impact sleep temperature, a critical factor in the quality and duration of your rest. The ability to cool down effectively is important for optimal sleep. Overheating can disrupt both the quality and continuity of your rest. 

Given that many couples have differing temperature preferences during sleep, the use of separate duvets allows each partner to create a mini-sleep environment perfect for themselves without disturbing their bedmate. One partner may opt for a lighter quilt if they run warm, while the other can snuggle beneath a heavier duvet for added cosiness.

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It’s a good compromise for couples who share a bed

At the end of the day (literally), if you’re keen on not sleeping in separate rooms, the Scandinavian sleep method emerges as a highly advantageous middle ground. Whether your sleep companion is a restless tosser and turner, a chronic overheater, or a habitual snoozer of alarms, this sleep technique could very well be the remedy both of you require for a revitalising and undisrupted night’s rest.

And if you’re worried about the prospect of two duvets affecting the aesthetic harmony of your bedroom, consider the solution of concealing the crease with a stylish linen throw!

A bright, naturally lit bedroom with two white duvets on a bed, illustrating the Scandinavian sleep method.

Get the best sleep you can

In search of the best possible sleep, the Scandinavian sleep method offers a promising solution, but it may not solve all issues. If you find that your mattress is showing signs of wear and tear, it could be a contributing factor to disrupted sleep. To ensure you’re getting the quality rest you deserve, consider evaluating the condition of your mattress. Unsure about when it’s time for a replacement? Read our guide on mattress longevity: How often should you change your mattress?“.

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