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5 surprising ways healthy sleep can lead to a healthier you

5 surprising ways healthy sleep can lead to a healthier you

Health and wellness are at the top of our self-care lists this year. And healthy sleep is the dreamiest way to unlock a healthy version of yourself. 

As we sleep, the body performs many important functions that support physical recovery, brain performance, cardiac function, and metabolism. Our lives rely on sleep – and so does our health. 

Ready to enter into your health queen/king era? Keep reading for our five unexpected health benefits of getting healthy sleep. 

Make your own day with healthy sleep

On average, adults need seven hours or more of good-quality sleep each night. But healthy sleep isn’t just about the total hours of sleep you’re clocking. Sleep quality on a regular is what allows you to wake up feeling rested. 

Here are our five favourite health benefits of good-quality sleep. 

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More dreams mean fewer breakouts 

Perhaps it’s how sleep controls hormones in your body. Maybe it’s that getting less sleep affects your immune system. As a result, your body might feel unrested and kick-start the cortisol surge, which can lead to acne breakouts. But getting good ZZZs means your skin will have more of a chance to heal. 

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Junk food? No thanks

What do you do (food-wise) after a sleepless night when your mental capacity is at a low? Isn’t it easier to just grab a burger and chips for lunch rather than worry about a balanced meal?

If this sounds like you, then you’re not alone. A sleep-deprived brain is way more likely to crave unhealthy snacks and meals. 

Depriving ourselves of sleep also increases our hunger and appetite hormone levels. This means sticking to our healthy queen/king era and hitting our nutrient goals for each day is much easier with a good seven hours of sleep behind us. 

Happiness comes knocking at your door

A good mood and healthy sleep are more closely related than you think!

Sleep deprivation is associated with an increase in negative emotions (anger, impatience, irritation, sadness) and a drop in pleasant moods. It can also increase the likelihood of, and even contribute to, the development of certain mood disorders.

Not only does waking up rested make it easier to get out of bed and get the day started, but it also makes you more thrilled about the day ahead. Healthy sleep can enhance your overall outlook on life.

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You won’t need to refresh your memory as often

Your well-rested body and mind will actually be able to remember what you had for lunch yesterday or that very important thing your boss told you to write down but didn’t. 

This is because sleeping benefits the consolidation of memories produced throughout the day. It helps connect fresh memories to previous ones. You could even get creative new ideas while sleeping.

Decrease inflammation while you sleep

A lack of sleep can lead to inflammation in the body. 

Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of our central nervous system.

Sleep deprivation, particularly disrupted sleep, is known to activate inflammatory signalling pathways and result in greater levels of undesired inflammatory markers.

Chronic inflammation can lead to the development of a variety of chronic diseases, including obesity, heart disease, some forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and type 2 diabetes.

So basically, making sure you’re getting healthy sleep is a bonafide way to look after your long-term health!

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Is your mattress holding you back from healthy sleep? 

We tend to put a bad night’s sleep down to stress, revenge bedtime procrastination or overthinking tomorrow’s to-do list. But our mattresses are often overlooked as factors that influence the quality of your sleep, despite their importance. 

Your mattress should evenly support each part of your body, allowing you to rest while being supported. Back and neck problems may be caused by an uncomfortable mattress. 

So if you’re experiencing difficulties sleeping, it’s time to invest in a new mattress. Not sure if it’s time to make the change? Read our guide on how often you should change your mattress

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