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How to clean a mattress for spills, stains, and deep cleaning

How to clean a mattress for spills, stains, and deep cleaning

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your mattress?

It’s probably a good idea to pay attention if you’re scratching your head in confusion. We’re going to discuss how to clean a mattress.

You’ll be an unquestionable mattress-cleaning pro after reading this.

A lady changing her white linen bed sheets

But I wash my sheets regularly…

Surely that’s enough? 

Give it some more thought before choosing not to clean your mattress. On average, you sleep for six hours a day in your bed. 

During that time, all kinds of things can land on the bed. Germs, bacteria, dead skin and hair, sweat, and body oils—these fall off you. If you share a bed with someone, you can double those numbers. Then you must consider dirt, dust, and dust mites too. 

And if you also let your pets on your bed, who knows where they go and what they do during the day? 

Your mattress absorbs these components and becomes unhygienic, with or without sheets.

How to clean a mattress if you haven’t cleaned it in ages

Most likely, you’re realising now that cleaning your mattress is a good idea.  

Now you’re asking how to clean a mattress because you’re thinking about all the weeks, months, or years that you haven’t. 

It’s not rocket science, but it requires effort. Depending on your needs, there are various cleaning techniques. 

Investing in a commercial mattress-cleaning agent is wise because it effectively disinfects the mattress. This is suggested if you haven’t cleaned your mattress in a while. There are also special enzyme sprays that help kill germs and odours. However, there are home solutions that work well too. 

Here are some more methods for getting your mattress to bounce back and feel new again. 

A pair of hands with blue gloves on busy vacuuming the corner area of a mattress

How to clean a mattress spill or stain at home (by hand)

  1. With a wet cloth, wipe up the spill or stain as best you can. 
  2. If there’s debris or dust surrounding it, vacuum it up. 
  3. Mix half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle 
  4. Apply it thoroughly to the area and leave it to soak and dry on the mattress for an hour. 
  5. After, apply baking soda to the affected area (this helps to draw out the stain). 
  6. Give the baking soda 4-5 hours to dry. 
  7. Vacuum up the baking soda. 
  8. If necessary, carry out these steps again. 

This is a popular method for how to clean a mattress by hand. It’s necessary to consider the depth and size of the spill or stain and how long it’s been there. 

You’ll have an easier time removing spills and stains if you’re quick to do it as soon as it happens or when you notice it. 

A young man vacuuming the dust and dirt out of a mattress

How to clean a mattress from top to bottom at home (with equipment)  

  1. Vacuum the entire surface area of the mattress. The top. The bottom. The sides. Every corner and between every crevice. 
  2. Steam clean the mattress. A steam cleaner is a useful tool to invest in for hygiene purposes. You can also use the steam from your iron in bursts to loosen the dirt and dust. 
  3. Once done, vacuum it thoroughly again. 
  4. As often as necessary, repeat the procedure. 

Reaching the level of complete cleanliness can depend on:

  • How often did you do it? 
  • When was the last time you cleaned it?
  • What happened to the mattress since you last cleaned it? 
Two cleaning service ladies cleaning a bedroom and taking the duvet off a bed

Support a local mattress-cleaning business

If you’re swamped and need someone to do the heavy cleaning for you, there are businesses that will happily do it. You can take your mattress to them. 

Specific hygienic cleaning companies may even come to your house or business with their expert tools and equipment to do the job. It depends on your preference. 

Own a B&B, guest house, or hotel? 

The question of how to clean a mattress might be an essential one, but it’s not something you’d like to do yourself. 

We completely understand why! In this circumstance, we’d recommend calling hygiene experts instead of vacuuming, steam cleaning, or scrubbing spills and stains yourself. 

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