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11 Valentine’s gift ideas for your always-tired loved ones

Two individuals smiling at each other, exchanging Valentine's gifts with hearts and 'XOXO' designs on the bag.

For sleepy people, a full night’s rest is truly the greatest gift of all—but it’s not that easy to order it online or wrap it up in a bow. The next best thing: Gifts that will give the sleep lovers in your life a much better night’s rest (we’re talking pyjamas, blankets, eye masks, and … Read more

Finding your best temperature for sleep

Woman sleeping on a bed with an alarm clock and phone on a bedside table.

Discovering the best sleep temperature is a unique journey for each individual. Whether you thrive beneath layers in an ice-cold room or find tranquillity in a warmer bedroom with minimal covers, the quest for the perfect sleep climate is personal. But does bedroom temperature genuinely influence sleep? Research suggests it does, and in this blog, … Read more

Holiday guest room ideas: Unwrap the magic with Meelu Mattress

Cosy bed with slippers, books, a mug and firewood.

Tired of the guest room shuffle before each visit? Scrambling to refresh the ‘spare’ bedroom by tossing things in the cupboard, getting the lumps out of the old bed and trying to spruce up a space you’re a little embarrassed with? Maybe it’s time for a guest room glow-up, just in time for the holidays. … Read more

How to quickly mould the best brand for mattresses to your body

Two young multi racial children jumping on a bed wearing white bunny ears.

So, you’ve taken the leap and invested in your sleep by getting yourself a shiny new Meelu mattress, widely recognised as the best brand for mattresses, promising nights of blissful slumber. Now, let the magic unfold as your mattress expertly moulds itself to the contours of your body. It’s all about understanding how your body … Read more

Cleaning the bed: Hygiene habits to add to your routine

African couple smiling whilst making a white bed.

The average person is awake for 16-18 hours a day, spends about 8 hours asleep, and somewhere in between all this, just hanging out in bed. The bed is a place of rest and recovery, as well as recreation. We read, watch movies, read stories to kiddies, recover during sickness, and cuddle pets and loved … Read more

Match made in mattress heaven: Finding the perfect mattress size for your room

A family of 3 having fun while laying in bed.

There’s no denying it—decorating a room involves far more than choosing the right paint colour or the most aesthetically pleasing furniture. You also need to consider practical elements like space utilisation and room functionality. A crucial part of this process, often overlooked, is choosing the perfect mattress size. In this blog post, we’ll guide you … Read more

Reclaim your zzz’s: Relaxation techniques for when you can’t sleep

An Asian woman in white pyjamas, sitting in a bedroom with a candle, meditating before bed

Are you tired of being, well, tired? Give planned relaxation activities a try. After all, chilling with a movie on TV doesn’t quite hit the relaxation sweet spot like taking a well-deserved, full-on breather does. We’re diving into the wonderful world of relaxation techniques designed to help you catch those elusive zzz’s. So, grab a … Read more

The best—and worst—sleeping positions for lower back pain 

A man sitting on the side of his unmade bed, in his pyjamas, appearing to be experiencing back pain, and holding his head.

Lower back pain is quite the unwelcome intruder, isn’t it? Especially when it’s bedtime and all you want is a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. But here’s the good news: there’s a lot you can do to help yourself feel better, starting with finding the best sleeping positions for lower back pain and, of course, the … Read more

Unboxing undeniable comfort: how we fit a mattress in a box

an image of a woman holding a coffee cup sitting next to a man lying on his stomach and reading a book on top of the Meelu mattress, pictured next to the box that the mattress comes in

Meelu mattresses are designed with your comfort (and your convenience) in mind. From our quality materials to our effective production methods, we really prioritise quality and affordability for our customers to give them the *best* sleep possible. One of the ways we ensure satisfaction is by offering a convenient and easy-to-use delivery method. If you … Read more