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Getting to know the mattress manufacturer behind your favourite local brand

Getting to know the mattress manufacturer behind your favourite local brand

Local is lekker. There’s no better time than Heritage Month to celebrate the combined local efforts that go into the production of your favourite mattress in a box. As a mattress manufacturer with one specialised product, we take great care ensuring we offer you the best possible sleep experience. And as a proudly South African brand, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve developed with our local suppliers. From start to finish, we make your Meelu mattress right here in sunny KwaZulu Natal. 

Meet your mattress manufacturer

At Meelu Sleep, we’re a mattress manufacturer with a passion for our product. Inspired by overseas mattress trends, our founders stepped in to fill a void in the industry and introduce South Africa to the innovative mattress in a box concept. However, instead of importing a brand, we wanted to develop and perfect our own. To realise this vision, we knew we had to team up with the top SA talent. And, that’s exactly what we did. We work with a leading KZN foam manufacturer, making from scratch the foam for each layer of our Meelu mattress.

There’s a common misconception in South Africa that foam isn’t premium. We’re here to debunk that myth. Using state of the art German technology, we produce top quality, pure foam in all shapes and forms. It’s this high level of quality that gives our mattresses the ability to maintain their integrity for so many years. In fact, you can enjoy sleeping on your Meelu mattress for at least fifteen years.

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We love keeping it local

There’s more to a Meelu mattress than just four premium foam layers. We also cover your Meelu with a removable cover, so you can see what you’re buying. Have you met a mattress manufacturer who’s as transparent about their product as us? Keeping in tune with our local vibes, we only use local suppliers to make our zip and wash covers. The same is true for any element of our product we can’t manufacture ourselves. If it isn’t local, it isn’t Meelu.

Are you ready to take your sleep experience to a higher level? Keep it local and order your Meelu mattress today. We offer free delivery to anywhere in South Africa.

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