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6 Reasons to invest in a latex/memory foam hybrid mattress

6 Reasons to invest in a latex/memory foam hybrid mattress

There’s no doubt about it – the key to a good night’s sleep lies in your mattress. Like a grandmother’s hug, you want your bed to envelope you in a comfortable embrace from the moment you slip under the covers. After all, if you’re going to spend a third of your day in the same spot, you at least want the experience to be enjoyable. But, which mattress do you choose to ensure you get the best night’s sleep? That’s an easy one. It has to be a high-quality, latex/memory foam hybrid mattress. As a popular alternative to traditional spring beds, speciality foam mattresses have a lot to offer. We can tell you six great reasons right now. 

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The top 6 benefits of a latex/memory foam hybrid mattress

1. Pressure relief

As we mentioned, you spend a large portion of your time in bed. It’s unavoidable. Everyone has to sleep to function. Whether you get your eight hours or not, that means you’re spending a good portion of time in the same position. The surface you’re sleeping on has to be just right to ensure you don’t feel sore and achy in the morning (as anyone who’s ever fallen asleep on the couch can tell you). The best part about latex/memory foam hybrid mattresses is that they don’t have any harsh materials pressing back on you when you get into bed. Instead, the mattress yields to your weight, conforming to the contours of your body. This adjustability offers valuable pressure relief, making your sleep experience overall more comfortable.

2. Back and spine support

Besides pressure point relief, contouring to your body shape allows a latex/memory foam hybrid mattress to offer much-needed support for your back and spine. Beds with springs concentrate the weight in areas where the body provides the most pressure, meaning lighter areas don’t receive as much support. The beauty of high-quality speciality foam is that it distributes your weight evenly across the surface of the mattress. Every part of your body gets the support it needs without any unwanted pressure forcing you into an unnatural position. We’ve gone one step further with our Meelu Mattress to provide extra comfort with three specialised support zones. These zones ensure that your body remains properly aligned from head to toe. 

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3. Comfort for all sleep positions

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning at night because you can’t find a comfortable position to settle in. We’ve told you how the adaptability of foam offers pain relief and support, but this feature also makes the mattress suitable for all types of sleepers. Do you lie flat on your back or curled up on your side? Perhaps you’re one of the rare few who pass out stomach first. Whatever your preference, a latex/memory foam hybrid mattress moulds evenly to your body shape, allowing comfort from every angle. We’ve designed the Meelu Mattress using four layers of premium foam, all working together to provide the ultimate balance between support and comfort.

4. Minimises motion

Not only can you and your sleep partner sleep in different positions and both be comfortable, but you can move around without fear of waking up your other half. Bliss! Thanks to the shock-absorbent nature of the foam, a restless sleeper’s motion stays isolated instead of transferring in ripples across the mattress. Gone are the days of your partner launching you into the air when they jump into bed. 

5. Durable and long-lasting

We all know how expensive buying a new bed can be – it’s an investment. No one wants to replace their mattress every couple of years. Luckily, a mattress made with top quality pure foams (like the Meelu Mattress), should last at least ten years (ours will last for fifteen years with the proper care). The adaptability and structure of the material also mean your latex/memory foam hybrid mattress will hold its shape better. You’re less likely to experience any sagging or sinkage. 

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6. Keep cool with gel

If your foam mattress has a gel memory foam layer (like the Meelu), your sleep experience will be a lot cooler – temperature-wise, that is. The gel beads infused in the memory foam reduce heat, helping you maintain an even body temperature during the night. This handy feature is particularly ideal for areas with warmer climates, like South Africa, where the summer heat can leave you feeling uncomfortable. 

From uninterrupted slumber to overall comfort, investing in a quality latex/memory foam hybrid mattress will only elevate your sleep experience. Our Meelu Mattress combines four premium foams, engineered with the best technology, to offer support and comfort for every type of sleeper. Ready to invest in your sleep?  Order yours today.