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Mattress in a box – Is it right for you? (If you live in South Africa)

Mattress in a box – Is it right for you? (If you live in South Africa)

Are you ready to embrace this new trend in the Mattress industry?

It’s come to that time in your life where adulting has truly kicked in, you’ve looked at your old, beat up mattress – springs have broken, tufts of foam push out of each corner from that time your cat used it as a scratchpad – and you think to yourself “Today’s the day! Today, I buy a new mattress.” But where to begin in the sea of mattresses? You’ve heard this buzzword “Mattress in a box” being thrown around by some of your colleagues, so you did the 20th-century thing and googled it, but you’re still wondering if it’s just some trendy thing that the millennial’s are hash-tagging. Here’s the thing, mattress shopping can be infuriatingly frustrating – the endless tiresome stores filled with rows of similar looking, over-priced mattresses and not to mention Pete, the pesky salesmen following you around, badgering you with the promise of a “great deal.” Shut up, Pete!

As an alternative to Pete and his endless rows of mattresses, the Mattress in a Box model offers you convenience, low-risk, and quality at a fair price. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but when we take a look at our friends over in America and Europe who’ve just about flushed out the market with their Mattress in a Box concept, we thought you might wanna stop and listen a bit more! So, as a South African, what exactly are your options when it comes to buying a mattress?

In the last 2 years, South Africa has seen a few Mattress in a Box businesses pop up, with Meelu being one of the first. Much like overseas brands, the South African Mattresses in a Box are available for purchase almost exclusively online and are made from high-quality foam, like latex and memory foam. Some manufacturers have also found ways to include inner-springs in their memory foam mattresses (fancy, right?). They are then compressed at the factory, rolled up into a fraction of their full size and shipped directly to you – the customer who’s now officially an adult *crowd goes wild*. This creates a pain-free, non-Pete shopping experience with the added benefit of free shipping and a generous 100-night trial period.

As the online shopping space continues to grow in South Africa, the idea of buying a premium mattress online is growing too. With more options becoming regularly available, and the lure of shop-from-my-couch convenience, consumers are starting to catch on and take advantage of this sparkly new way of mattress shopping.

“Okay okay, so you want me to buy a mattress online, I get that part. But what about the part where I haven’t even tried it out yet?” you’re probably thinking. Don’t worry, we’re a few steps ahead of you. We know that clicking the “Buy Now” button can be quite daunting, given that the last time you went mattress shopping you had some time to waltz through the aisles and lie on as many mattresses as you could in the space of 15 minutes while Pete creepily watched you from afar. But what Pete failed to tell you is that you’ll only truly know that you’ve bought the right mattress after a few weeks of sleeping in it. Yes, you read right – a few weeks! That’s why we created the 100-night trial period – a risk-free way to see if you’ve made the right decision (WIN!) With the rise of the Mattress in a Box concept growing online, we also expect to see more Mattress in a Box companies pushing into the in-store retail space – having their mattresses available in chain-stores and showrooms in the coming months, as we’ve seen with the overseas market.

The question of whether a Mattress in a Box is right for you as a South African is a personal choice, but we here at Meelu are confident that our mattress will offer the perfect comfort and support for 60-70% of all sleepers. Now the only thing standing in the way of you having a high-quality, comfortable mattress for a great night’s sleep (apart from pesky salesman Pete) is whether you are comfortable buying online, and want to experience a unique, hassle-free way of getting the perfect sleep delivered directly to your door!

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