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How often should you change your mattress (uncovered) 

Lady wearing white pyjamas waking up refreshed and stretching on her new mattress

Tired of your old mattress? Today we’re going to answer how often should you change your mattress and explore the tell-tale signs of when it’s time to move on.  A healthy sleep cycle is crucial for your well-being. If your mattress is in the way of that, changing it’s a no-brainer. That’s if you want … Read more

Sleeping in during the festive season: Health advice to remember

Man sleeping in

Looking forward to sleeping in during the holidays?  As the year closes, your excitement grows for the end-of-the-year time off. Usually because of one thing: More time for relaxation.  Sleep is essential for a healthy life.  To feel your best, you need to sleep. There’s no way around it. But sleep evades many people these … Read more

Revenge bedtime procrastination: What it is and why you should avoid it

revenge bedtime procrastination

It’s quarter past your bedtime. And you think, hmm, I should probably get some shuteye. But then you think about that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch and the shopping cart you still need to check out from your favourite online store. And you think, hey, I’ve got time for those things right now. … Read more

Which bed size is best for you?

bed size

When choosing the perfect bed size for you, there are few factors to consider. For example, the dimensions of your bedroom, whether or not you will be sharing a bed with a partner, your respective heights, and your individual sleeping habits. Not to mention your budget! Let’s take a look at the different bed sizes … Read more

5 reasons to fall in love with your new mattress

new mattress

Love is in the air. And we hope in your bed too. (In terms of the mattress, of course!) If your bed is feeling a little worse for wear, and you’re thinking you might like to invest in a new mattress before Valentine’s Day, then why not start a love affair with Meelu? Our flagship … Read more

Is a smartwatch sleep tracker worth investing in?

smartwatch sleep tracker

Smartwatches are all the rage. With these nifty devices on our wrists, we can access reams of information about our daily activities. From exercise and movement minutes to our sleep cycles, your smartwatch tracks it all. But the question is – how useful is this data? As a memory foam mattress company, we are most interested … Read more

6 Reasons to take a nap in the afternoon

take a nap

A quick catnap in the afternoon can be so wonderful, and welcomed if we missed out on sleep the previous night. But is this beloved me-time good for us in the long run? As long as your nap isn’t too long (longer than 90 minutes), we say yes. Sleep is a necessary part of our … Read more

4 Benefits of sleeping with your dog

benefits of sleeping with your dog

Dogs are loyal companions, brightening our days with their playful energy and endearing natures. They are man’s best friend, after all. If you have fur babies of your own, we bet you love snuggling up with them in bed. Even if they snore and take up most of the duvet! The good news is, this … Read more

Sleep better together: The benefits of sharing the bed

sleep better

Love is in the air, and there’s nothing we all love more than snuggling in bed with our significant other. Right? Besides the obvious benefits of sharing a bed, did you know sleeping with your partner (actual eyes-closed sleep), has a positive effect on your health and relationship? Despite the minor inconveniences – perhaps you’re … Read more

4 Healthy habits for the new year to help you sleep better


A new decade is upon us, and there’s no time like the present to invest in quality sleep. Getting a solid seven to eight hours each night, and spending enough time in every stage of sleep is vital if you want to get up and achieve your goals every day. While there are plenty of … Read more