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Holiday guest room ideas: Unwrap the magic with Meelu Mattress

Holiday guest room ideas: Unwrap the magic with Meelu Mattress

Tired of the guest room shuffle before each visit? Scrambling to refresh the ‘spare’ bedroom by tossing things in the cupboard, getting the lumps out of the old bed and trying to spruce up a space you’re a little embarrassed with? Maybe it’s time for a guest room glow-up, just in time for the holidays.

Let’s dive into simple, effective guest room ideas to make your space the ultimate retreat, featuring the magic touch of a Meelu mattress.

Our top guest room ideas to make it feel like home

Let’s get started on some easy changes and additions you can bring to your guest bedroom to make it a space even you will want to spend your downtime in.

Keep it clean

Nothing disrupts the feeling of home more than a room full of clutter that’s not your own. Give your room a cosy touch by starting with a deep clean. Declutter, sweep, dust, and mop. Adding fresh bedding and a hint of clean scent also makes it instantly inviting.

Woman making a bed.

Provide a dream worthy mattress

You can tick off all the ideas we give you, but if you don’t get this one right then the rest are null and void. To take your guest room to the next level, invest in one of our Meelu mattresses for an indulgent and restful night’s sleep. Your guests will thank you, and might even consider a mattress theft (can you blame them?).

Our mattresses are available in various sizes, from single to king-extra length, and come in three types: Meelu Original with four premium memory foam layers (including a cooling gel-infused layer), Meelu Life, our go-to choice for value with two Pure Foam layers, and Meelu Hybrid featuring pocket springs and premium foam layers for optimum cushioning and targeted back support.

*Pro-Tip* A comfy pillow is almost as important as a comfy bed. Our Meelu memory foam pillow features memory foam chips for superior comfort for all types of sleepers.

Woman sleeping in comfy bed.

Introduce warmth

Make your guests feel extra special with these warmth-boosting guest room ideas:

  • Layer on hospitality with extra blankets and plush pillows.
  • Fresh towels for that ‘just like home’ touch.
  • Set up a tea and coffee station for a cosy morning ritual.
  • A snack stash, because who doesn’t appreciate a little treat?
  • A sweet welcome note (don’t forget the wifi password!).
  • Warm lighting, like bedside lamps, for that inviting glow.
  • A vase of flowers for that extra touch of charm.
Stylish bedroom side table with mug, candle, books and plant.

Decorate with neutrals

While a splash of personal style is great, opting for neutral decor is a reliable choice. Incorporate subtle tones to create an inclusive and welcoming ambience, avoiding any overpowering themes. Neutrals provide versatility, allowing the room to cater to various guest preferences effortlessly. Additionally, the muted backdrop of neutral colours is an excellent canvas for textured elements that add character to the space.

Guest bedroom with neutral colours.

Add a homey rug

Enhance the warmth of your guest room by introducing a sumptuous rug. This simple addition not only elevates the overall feel but also complements other design elements in the space. Utilising various textures is a key guest room idea to give your room that interior decorator look.

Plush rug on wooden floors with table and ladder in the background.

Evoke the holiday spirit

As you embark on the quest to transform your guest bedroom into a comfy retreat over the holidays, why not infuse it with a subtle touch of festive magic? Increase the holiday spirit with these ideas:

  • Twinkling Lights: Add warm and twinkling string lights around the bed frame or drape them along the headboard.
  • Festive Accents: Tastefully adorn the room with holiday-themed throw pillows, introducing subtle reds, greens, or golds to evoke the holiday spirit.
  • Wreath Welcome: Consider placing a wreath on the door as a welcoming touch that instantly sets a festive tone for your guests.
  • Coordinated Color Scheme: Choose a colour scheme that complements the neutral tones of the room, incorporating festive hues to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Mug filled with marshmallows surrounded by folded notes and festive lights.

Let’s start creating your dream guest bedroom

Embark on the journey of transforming your guest bedroom into a haven that extends beyond occasional visitors. This snug space can effortlessly double as your home office during guest-free times. Using these guest room ideas you’ll create a forever welcoming spot that may take preference over your own room—especially if it boasts one of our Meelu mattresses. Ready to kickstart the creation of your dream guest bedroom? Begin with the bed. Enjoy the assurance of Meelu’s mattresses, featuring a 100 Night Risk-Free Trial, complimentary delivery, and a generous 10 to 15-year warranty. Invest in the comfort of your space—contact us today!