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How to quickly mould the best brand for mattresses to your body

How to quickly mould the best brand for mattresses to your body

So, you’ve taken the leap and invested in your sleep by getting yourself a shiny new Meelu mattress, widely recognised as the best brand for mattresses, promising nights of blissful slumber. Now, let the magic unfold as your mattress expertly moulds itself to the contours of your body. It’s all about understanding how your body can adjust to your new mattress.

Dive into our guide for some savvy tips on how to enjoy your new Meelu mattress properly.

Embrace instant comfort

Transitioning to a new mattress is a breeze, only influenced by the differences from your previous one. Meelu’s cutting-edge foam technology guarantees a smooth shift, securing your sleep contentment. Dive into comfort worry-free with our 100-night sleep trial, erasing any uncertainties about your mattress’s quality.

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4 simple tricks to unlock your mattress’s body-moulding magic

To help your mattress get cosy and comfy, we’ve rounded up our best tips to craft a mattress that’s absolutely perfect for you. Let’s get started!

Give it some space

Some mattresses, like our nifty mattresses-in-a-box, are delivered compressed right to your doorstep. This means your mattress needs a little time to unfurl and reach its full potential. Take it out of the box, unwrap it, and watch it expand. If you’ve got a memory foam or hybrid mattress, giving it some time in a warm room is even better.

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Move around

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to your body adapting to a new mattress, even the best brand for mattresses. Not all mattresses are instant cosy cocoons, so make sure to sleep on your mattress consistently every night to help it help your body adapt to it (you can even catch some TV time on it). Sleep in different positions, roll around, and take a stroll on the mattress—all of these tricks allow your body to adapt more thoroughly and quickly.

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Give yourself a break

Transitioning to a new mattress might seem like a journey, especially when stepping up from a mattress without the advanced foam technology found in Meelu mattresses. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our 100-night risk-free trial. So, take the time you need to let your mattress fully mould to your shape.

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Choose the right mattress

Still not getting the sleep you dream of? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new mattress. Don’t forget, you spend nearly half your life sleeping. Would you rather save money or savour your slumber? The right mattress can make all the difference in your life. Meelu offers mattresses for all sleepers in various sizes. Take your pick from our superior mattresses:

Still can’t sleep?

So, you’ve got the perfect mattress, but slumber seems elusive? As sleep experts, we have some quick tips to help you analyse your sleep patterns and make the most of your new luxurious mattress.

  • Consistent bedtime routine – Stick to your bedtime, no nighttime scrolling!
  • Stay active – Regular exercise equals a baby-like slumber.
  • Natural light – Expose yourself to natural light during the day.
  • No screen zone – Limit screen time before bedtime (we know it’s hard, but you can do it!). 
  • Diet – Avoid large meals and alcohol before falling asleep.

Stress – Incorporate stress-relief techniques into your bedtime routine, like deep breathing and meditation. Learn more from our blog on relaxation techniques!

*Pro-Tip* Take the BetterSleep quiz for a personalised sleep routine.

Time for your body to adapt to the best brand for mattresses

The adjustment period might seem like a waiting game, but trust us, Meelu mattresses are worth every minute. With convenient, free delivery, you can have one of our fantastic mattresses at your doorstep as early as next week! Ready to order? Choose the Meelu mattress that’s just right for you, and let your body adapt to a restful night’s sleep. For more sleep-related tips and insights, explore our blog for sweet dreams ahead.