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Cleaning the bed: Hygiene habits to add to your routine

Cleaning the bed: Hygiene habits to add to your routine

The average person is awake for 16-18 hours a day, spends about 8 hours asleep, and somewhere in between all this, just hanging out in bed. The bed is a place of rest and recovery, as well as recreation. We read, watch movies, read stories to kiddies, recover during sickness, and cuddle pets and loved ones in our beds. With all this use, they need to be maintained and refreshed! Your bed deserves to be in its best condition to serve you and your wellness – here’s how to ensure you are cleaning the bed efficiently.

Tips to master cleaning the bed

Mattress being wiped down by orange cloth with yellow cleaning gloves.

In our last blog post, we explored pillow washing and hygiene. In continuing this series on best bed practices, we’re sharing recommended routines for cleaning the bed.

Just imagine – it’s Saturday morning, and you are sitting in bed with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoying the peaceful sunrise. Unfortunately, accidents happen. You jolt your cup and spill it all over your bed. For anyone who has ever wondered how to care for your bedding and Meelu mattress in this situation, read on!


Close-up view of a mattress being lifted off the base.

To treat the mattress, cleaning a spill can depend on the severity of the stain and the time it has been sitting. If the stain is recent, clean the spill with these eight steps. If the situation is a little more dire and the mattress needs some deep cleaning, find a steam cleaner or mattress-cleaning business to assist you.

How to refresh your mattress scent naturally

One popular at-home trick to freshen up a mattress odour involves some things in your pantry.

For a natural approach, simply:

  1. Get a bowl and mix together 1 cup of baking soda and a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  2. Then, pass the mixture through a strainer to eliminate the clumps to get a fine powder.
  3. Next, shake the fragranced baking soda evenly over your entire mattress surface.
  4. Once covered, leave the baking soda on the bed for an hour or two.
  5. Lastly, vacuum the baking soda and – voilà! A naturally freshened-up bed treatment that doubles as an aromatherapy experience.

Bedcover/ bed protector

When you purchase a Meelu mattress, you also receive a zip-and-wash removable cover. To get the best results when laundering, follow the instructions on the care label. We recommend washing only the white comfort layer with the removable zip cover a maximum of once every six months to maximise its lifespan. (However, washing the darker base layer will damage your cover, so we advise against this).


Close-up view of a vacuum cleaning a mattress with a blurred background.

When it comes to your sheets, the recommended cycle is every two weeks, with every week being the ideal. This also depends on your climate (residents in more humid, warm regions should wash more regularly) and whether or not you allow pets on or in the bed.

How to whiten your sheets naturally

  1. Before washing your sheets normally, prepare a basin, bucket or bathtub as a presoak station.
  2. Mix ½ cup of distilled white vinegar with 3.5 litres of hot water.
  3. Let the sheets soak for about an hour or more.
  4. After soaking, wash and dry your sheets as you usually do.

Duvets, comforters and quilts

Close-up view of white duvet cover, pillow and sheet.

When it comes to your duvet materials, also check the care label. Micro-fibre and down feather stuffed duvets will vary in their treatment requirements.

After checking the care label, proceed by washing it in the hottest water temperature recommended by the care tag. As for drying, set your drier on a low setting for a long cycle for a steady, even tumble to distribute and dry the item evenly.

In the case of potential shrinkage, resort to good ol’ natural air drying it by draping it over a windy dryer, clothes rack, or a sturdy shower rod, or hang it between well-placed chairs to keep it from touching the ground.

Duvet Cover

This one is also depending on your lifestyle, but experts suggest washing your duvet and bed covers about twice a year. Check the care label if it needs dry cleaning or special handling with its materials and details.

Throw pillows, blankets and plush décor

Close-up view of an African woman wearing a ring fluffing a pillow.

For those who love adorning their space with extra elements to elevate their space, remember these cuddly features need care, too! To keep them in their best condition, start by vacuuming throw cushions and plush goods and then spraying them with disinfecting fabric spray (fragrance is optional).

If you have a suitable dryer with settings such as “steam sanitary’, use this or a hot setting for about 15 minutes to eliminate traces of allergens. Always check if handwashing and drying are allowed on the care tags.

Make cleaning the bed a routine

African couple smiling whilst making a white bed.

Your best sleep starts with a Meelu mattress, but it is best ensured by cleaning the bed regularly. Just think of the fresh scent and reduced allergens as you fade into slumber. Dreamy. For more tips on getting your best rest, explore our blog post archive.