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How often should you wash your pillow and other pillow hygiene answers

How often should you wash your pillow and other pillow hygiene answers

Ever wondered why you feel like royalty sleeping in a hotel bed? Or pondered, “How often should you wash your pillow?” Take a look at our guide on pillow hygiene.

Why hotel pillows feel like a dream

We’ve all been there. Slipping into a hotel bed and thinking, “Why can’t my bed at home feel like this?” The secret? It’s all in the pillows and mattresses. Hotels invest in top-notch quality, ensuring every guest feels like they’re sleeping on a cloud. And guess what? You can recreate that feeling at home with the right products. (Hint: Meelu’s Memory Foam Pillow might just be the magic you’re looking for.)

White Female sleeping with a grin and gripping her pillow corner.

The life and times of your pillow

Life’s a whirlwind, and amidst the chaos, our pillows often get neglected. But did you know you’re supposed to replace them every 18 months to 2 years?

Here’s a fun test: Fold your pillow in half. If it stays folded, it’s time to bid adieu. A healthy pillow springs back to life, just like you after your morning coffee.

And if you’re spotting stains or waking up to a peculiar scent, it’s either cleaning time or shopping time. Remember, we shed skin, and our pillows often become a playground for dust mites.

How often should you wash your pillow?

The answer is regularly. But how often should you wash your pillow specifically? Check the tags for washing instructions. And here’s a pro tip: wash two pillows together. It keeps your washing machine balanced, and they can have a little pillow party.

If your pillow’s past its prime, don’t be afraid to let go. Sometimes, it’s better to start afresh.

Pillow hygiene

Your pillow sees it all – the good hair days, the bad hair days, and the “I can’t believe I watched that tear-jerker” days. Over time, oils, dirt, and dead skin can make a home in your pillow, affecting its quality and your sleep. That’s why there are anti-allergy pillows that combat these unwelcome guests. Our pillows’ memory foam is hypoallergenic, which reduces the chances of mildew or dust mites living in your pillow.

Our top three pillow hygiene tips:

  • Wash regularly: If it’s machine washable, give it a spin now and then. But remember, always follow the care label.
  • Invest in a pillow protector: Think of it as a shield, guarding your pillow from the outside world.
  • Know when to part ways: Like that old t-shirt from college, sometimes we hold onto pillows for too long. Know when it’s time to upgrade.
Close-up of a stack of four white pillows.

More pillow-care pearls of wisdom

  • Fluff daily: It’s like a mini workout for your pillow. Hand fluffing, sun drying, or even a quick spin in the dryer can do wonders.
  • Regular pillow cover wash: Aim for once every two weeks. Trust us; your skin will thank you.
  • Stain alert: Spotted a stain? Act fast! A mix of bicarbonate of soda and detergent can be your saviour.

Pillow hygiene plays a pivotal role in our sleep quality. So, next time you lay your head down, remember the little things you can do to ensure a dreamy night. And if you’re curious about keeping the rest of your bed in tip-top shape, check out our guide on how to clean a mattress. Sweet dreams!