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Match made in mattress heaven: Finding the perfect mattress size for your room

Match made in mattress heaven: Finding the perfect mattress size for your room

There’s no denying it—decorating a room involves far more than choosing the right paint colour or the most aesthetically pleasing furniture. You also need to consider practical elements like space utilisation and room functionality. A crucial part of this process, often overlooked, is choosing the perfect mattress size. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on a journey to find the mattress size that matches your room, ensuring a good night’s sleep and a well-balanced space.

Understanding mattress size

Before we delve into matching your mattress size to your room, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the standard mattress sizes available. Meelu’s range of mattresses spans from cosy single sizes, perfect for compact spaces, all the way to luxury king mattresses fit for a spacious suite. Additionally, each size is available in standard or extra length, catering to all height and space requirements.

Two very happy children laying on a large bed, while laughing.

Single mattress: Compact yet comfortable

Let’s begin with the single mattress size. Ideal for kids’ rooms or small bedrooms, these mattresses provide the comfort and support your child or a solo sleeper needs without overwhelming the room. They also leave enough room for other essential bedroom furniture and for the occupant to move around comfortably. Whether you choose the Meelu Life, Original, or Hybrid in this size, rest assured that it’ll be a snug fit.

 A young African girl, sitting on a single mattress in her bedroom, petting her pet rabbit.

Three-quarter and double mattresses: A generous upgrade

Moving up the ladder, we have the three-quarter and double mattress sizes. If your room has a bit more space to spare or you’re looking to provide a more generous sleeping area, these mattress sizes could be your ideal match. They’re perfect for teenagers’ rooms or guest rooms. These mattresses offer a balance, providing ample space to stretch out without making the room feel cramped.

A young African woman lounging on her double mattress-sized bed, while working on her laptop, and surrounded by colourful flowers on her side table.

Queen mattress: The royal choice for couples

Now let’s talk about queen mattress size. A favourite among couples, the queen-size mattress strikes a balance between providing ample sleeping space and not overwhelming your room’s real estate. This mattress size is a great choice if you want a roomy sleeping surface without compromising too much of your bedroom space.

King mattress: Luxury for larger spaces

Finally, for those with large bedrooms, nothing beats a king-size mattress. This luxury mattress size offers the most sleeping space possible, making it perfect for those who love to lounge, read, or work from the comfort of their bed or for couples who value their individual space. It’s also great for when you often share your bed with the kids or your pets.

A Family of four, and their family dog, laughing while laying in a king-size bed that looks cosy.

Meelu mattress types: Comfort in every size

Regardless of the mattress size you choose, at Meelu, you have three stellar choices in terms of mattress types—the Meelu Life, Meelu Original, and Meelu Hybrid mattresses. Each offers unique benefits and is beautifully designed with a zip-and-wash removable cover, ensuring your mattress stays in perfect shape for years.

Meelu, your partner in perfect sleep

With Meelu, you get free delivery nationwide and a 100-night risk-free trial (and you can pay it off with MobiCred). There’s no reason not to make your room and your mattress a perfect match!

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