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Sleep well to feel well this winter

Sleep well to feel well this winter

When we start feeling the temperatures drop and nights starting to get longer, we know that winter is on its way! For some, this means well-earned ‘me time’ – snuggling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a good magazine. But for others, the chillier season brings a cloud of fatigue and sadness. And nobody wants that! If you relate to the latter, fear not. Despite the inhospitable weather, you can still turn things around and feel as good as you did in summer. All it takes is a good night’s sleep (and a Meelu Mattress, of course). Explore our tips below to sleep well and start experiencing a happier mood during the winter months.

Sleep well and experience a happier mood

Feel refreshed and ready to take on winter with these handy sleep hacks:

1. Embrace the cold

Did you know cold air can help you sleep? You’ve probably noticed your sleeping patterns on hot summer’s nights are often restless and uncomfortable. Especially if you don’t have a fan or aircon to take the edge off. The reason for this is our body temperature drops when we fall asleep, so cooler temperatures in the bedroom encourage deeper sleep. 18 degrees celsius is said to be the ideal temperature for sleep. So, if you want to sleep well this winter, don’t be afraid to open the windows wide during colder nights.

2. Look to the light

We need light exposure to feel fully awake and alert. So naturally, when the sky is dark and gloomy, we feel more lethargic than usual and end up sleeping more during the day and less at night. And a cycle forms – the more miserable the weather, the more we stay indoors, further exacerbating the issue. In places like Britain where it is cold and rainy the majority of the year, the lack of light exposure can cause depressive conditions, like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

To ensure you receive a healthy amount of light during the winter months, open your curtains and blinds wide, and try to go outside every day – even if just for a quick walk. You’ll find the light exposure gives you more energy, so you can make the most of the day and sleep more soundly at night. And wake up every day feeling fully refreshed!

3. Get some exercise

When it’s cold outside, exercise becomes less of a temptation. Many people choose to skip their workout routine when the alarm goes off in the morning, and rather stay wrapped up in bed. And that can be okay, as long as you make up for it in the afternoon. Because the reality is, exercise and sleep go hand in hand. When you’ve exhausted your body after a vigorous workout, you tend to sleep well that night. So, instead of skipping your daily workout, transfer it from the morning to the evening when it’s a little warmer so you still get the benefits of a healthy sweat!

4. Commit to a routine

The key to waking up early? Routine. It can be tricky to get out of bed in winter when you’re still tired and the covers are so cosy. But if you prime your body to sleep and wake at the same time every day, you will reap the rewards of early rising, greater energy, and a better mood! And the longer you stick with your sleep cycle, the easier it will become. Learn how to wake up early so you can catch that worm.

Sleep well and wake up feeling great, even when it’s cold outside

Winter doesn’t have to be a dark and gloomy season. Choose to sleep well and wake up smiling every day. (If you’re interested in ultimate sleepy-time comfort, discover the memory-foam Meelu Mattress.)