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Top sleepover ideas for a night of fun for the kids

Top sleepover ideas for a night of fun for the kids

One of the best joys of being a parent or guardian? Reexperiencing childhood joys with little ones. And you’ll become the best master of ceremonies with these sleepover ideas. Prepare for a night of giggles and good ol’ fashioned fun with a sleepover made to remember.

Four little girls cuddling pillows and cushions.


Once you’ve managed to get younger children to sleep, the fun comes later on with childhood slumber parties. And nothing is more exciting than spending a night with their friends. To keep the good times going, we’ve broken down the ultimate sleepover ideas checklist for a night of novelty.

The setting

First things first! Are you hosting your sleepover outdoors or indoors? We’ve got both scenarios covered.

Children's bedroom with lights and toys.


For those keeping the main events inside, you can set up a fun space in bedrooms, the living room, the den or the play area. Clear an area and create lots of lounging space for bean bags, sleeper couches, mats or foam mattresses and plush cushions and pillows. Add a few duvets, throws, teddies and blankets for ultimate snuggly comfort.


Will the kiddies sleep in a tree house, out in the open air under the stars, or a fun tent fort? A fun hack – use a standing trampoline and drape a sheet over the frame. Whatever you choose, first scan the backyard for a space free of debris. (And check the weather forecast in advance). Then, add sleeping bags, sleeping mats and extra cushions.

If you plan on using a fireplace for roasting marshmallows and snacks – make sure there is adult supervision when in use.

String up a few fairy lights, some bunting and throw in a few paper lanterns for a festive feeling the kids will love.

Three little boys making funny faces in a window.

Games and activities

Once you have set up the main lounging area, get your games and activities ready.

Screen club

A featured movie is always a winner. Set up a projector and sheet screen – and add some decorations and snacks in line with the theme of the film. If the kids are more into gaming, maybe choose a game or two and theme the area.

Craft corner

For those that love hands-on fun, get out the art supplies. A great way to remember the occasion – customising white T-shirts or pillowcases. Buy a few plain shirts or pillowcases and get fabric markers or pastels to draw on the fabric. The kids can doodle to their heart’s content and leave with a special memory of the fun night.

Tournament time

Set up a series of challenges with the kids – think of everything from board games and charade skits to a round of sports games. Explore this tutorial on charades and also a themed idea generator. Everyone’s best abilities will come through with a variety of activities. Get the kids to work in teams and have a grand celebration at the end.

A child smiling a puppet in hand.

Have a giggle

Through in a few curve balls with Mad Libs printables. You can use these resources or create a version perfect for the event if it’s for a birthday party, the event theme or an upcoming holiday. The kids will have a laugh and spark their inner storytellers. A great warm-up for fireside camp stories.

Snacks and meal ideas

An easy go-to for any sleepover is usually to order pizza. Spice it up with a build-a-burger table, tasty fiesta Mexican dishes (think nachos, tacos and wraps), or cut veggies and fruit with tasty dips. Fun cookie decorating is a big winner with the kids. Bake cookies in shapes for the event theme and add some icing and sprinkle options for a sweet treat.

Don’t forget to make popcorn and roast those marshmallows! And an ice cream sundae station is never a bad idea.

Roasting marshmallows by an open fire.

Sleepover in style

Here’s to making core memories with the kiddies. Once you plan your event with these sleepover ideas, be sure you have the ultimate snoozing space. Order your Meelu mattress or pillow for the comfiest slumber party yet.