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4 Benefits of sleeping with your dog

4 Benefits of sleeping with your dog

Dogs are loyal companions, brightening our days with their playful energy and endearing natures. They are man’s best friend, after all. If you have fur babies of your own, we bet you love snuggling up with them in bed. Even if they snore and take up most of the duvet! The good news is, this can be a healthy sleep habit (assuming pet allergies and fleas aren’t an issue). In fact, studies show there are numerous benefits of sleeping with your dog. Let’s explore some of them together.

benefits of sleeping with your dog

Experience the benefits of sleeping with your dog:

1. Enhanced mood

Dogs give us unconditional love, and we can’t help but give it back to them in return. Interestingly, our levels of oxytocin (known as the love chemical) increase when we spend time with our dogs, alleviating symptoms of depression in a phenomenon known as “The Pet Effect.” Who needs antidepressants when you have a lovable pet to make you smile? (Not to mention a Meelu Mattress for ultimate comfort – click here to order.)

2. Lower blood pressure

Did you know petting an animal encourages a healthy heart? It’s true – the benefits of sleeping with your dog even extend to physical health! Petting your pooch can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, helping you fall asleep faster. All the more reason to snuggle up next to your furry best friend.

3. Deeper sleep

Having dogs nearby makes us more relaxed and comfortable on a primal level. As we’re sure you know, it’s a dog’s natural instinct to protect  – even if this means barking and attacking any perceived threat. So, when our canine friends curl up next to us, we immediately feel more safe and secure, which helps us fall asleep. And with less anxiety and restlessness comes better sleep and sweeter dreams (pair that with a Meelu Mattress and you can expect your best night’s sleep yet!)

4. Fewer allergies later in life

We are no stranger to pesky pet allergies. Dog dander makes some of us sneeze, cough and splutter (a big no-no when we’re winding down for bed.) But interestingly, evidence shows that early exposure to certain allergens has a positive impact on health – often preventing allergies later in life. If your little one isn’t reacting to dog danger, consider letting them sleep with their beloved dog so their immune system learns to recognise the dander.

Will you seize the benefits of sleeping with your dog?

Now that you know some of the health and wellbeing benefits of sleeping with your dog, have you decided to change your sleeping habits? If so, consider investing in a new Meelu Mattress to complete the positive experience. (Poochie will thank you!)