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The best ways to sleep during pregnancy

The best ways to sleep during pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy. We’re sure this is an exciting time for you and your growing family. The joys of pregnancy are said to be like none other. And what could compare? You are bringing new life into the world, after all! To carry this joy and positivity through the next nine months, we’re here to help you get the sleep you need. And not by supplying you with a luxuriously comfortable memory foam mattress. (Although we can do that too.) In this article, we explore the best ways to sleep during pregnancy so you can be comfortable during every trimester.

best ways to sleep during pregnancy

Trimester by trimester: The best ways to sleep during pregnancy

First trimester

At this stage of the pregnancy, you’ll probably be feeling a little warmer and sleepier than usual. You might even be opting for an earlier bedtime. Hello, progesterone! Your rising levels of this hormone will shift your body clock quite significantly, but the good news is, you can still sleep in any position you like. On your back, on your stomach, on your side (the left side is good practice for later on) – whichever is most comfortable for you right now should be safe for both you and the baby. Now that you’ve got the sleep position, make your first trimester a dream with Meelu – order your mattress online.

Second trimester

As the second trimester rolls in, you’ll probably start feeling a lot more comfortable, thanks to your stabilising hormones. And no more morning sickness, woohoo! At this point in your pregnancy, your baby bump will still be small and relatively unnoticeable. If sleeping on your stomach is still comfortable, it should be fine for you to continue using this sleep position for the next few weeks. But come week 16, you should start training yourself to sleep on your left side, as this is the safest position for you and your growing baby.

To get used to sleeping on your side, consider investing in a pregnancy-body pillow or wedge (and a memory foam Meelu Pillow too – why not?) Alternatively, you can try tucking a pillow under your waist to relieve some of the pressure, and place one between your legs to align your hips and spine. Whatever works for you.

Third trimester

You’re in the end game of your pregnancy – an exciting chapter! (Though we understand, a rather uncomfortable one too.) By now, you should be sleeping on your left side, preferably with your legs tucked slightly towards your chin. Medical studies on the best ways to sleep during pregnancy show that this position is beneficial to the health of the mother and baby. Left-side sleeping improves blood flow to the uterus and reduces the risk of swelling and haemorrhoids, among other bodily complications. And let’s be honest, could you really fall asleep on your stomach or back with your colossal baby bump? We thought not. Prepare your body for a comfortable third trimester with help from Meelu. Read our story.

Take advantage of the best ways to sleep during pregnancy

Soon-to-be-moms, we wish you well on your sleep journey ahead. Take this time to get your mind around the best ways to sleep during pregnancy, and start sleeping in the best position for your trimester. To complete the experience, place an online order for a Meelu Mattress – four layers of premium memory foam for the perfect night’s sleep.