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6 Reasons to take a nap in the afternoon

6 Reasons to take a nap in the afternoon

A quick catnap in the afternoon can be so wonderful, and welcomed if we missed out on sleep the previous night. But is this beloved me-time good for us in the long run? As long as your nap isn’t too long (longer than 90 minutes), we say yes. Sleep is a necessary part of our lives, allowing us to regenerate each night and function during the day. So if you aren’t getting enough hours in at night, we give you permission to take a nap in the afternoon. Especially if you do so on a Meelu Mattress.

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Why you should take a nap

If you’re feeling a little tired in the early afternoon, it’s the perfect time of day to take a nap. Try to time your nap so it falls between your waking and nighttime sleep – not too early that its effects aren’t significant, and not too late that it encroaches on your actual bedtime. We recommend setting your alarm for 90 minutes, as this makes up one sleep cycle, including the deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.

1. It will make you more alert

Studies show that a nap, no matter how short, can boost alertness. So yes, bosses, that employee that naps in their lunch break may be doing your business a service! If you have an hour lunch break, you can easily fit in a 20-minute power nap to perk you up for those late-afternoon meetings.

2. It will improve your memory and learning ability

Mental fatigue is a real thing. Grinding at that stone for hours on end can make us feel burned out and exhausted. (We’re sure you’re no stranger to this.) The good news is, this is all the more reason to take a nap. REM sleep, the stage in the sleep cycle when we dream, is linked to cognitive processes involved in memory and learning. So when we sleep for just 90 minutes, we tend to wake up feeling refreshed, both physically and mentally.

3. It will make you more creative

Creativity can strike when you least expect it. Ever had that eureka moment in the middle of a deep sleep? Studies show the right hemisphere of the brain lights up when we reach the REM stage of sleep, as we actively connect seemingly unrelated concepts on an unconscious level. So if you’re in a creative profession, or dabble in artistic outlets, an afternoon nap might help you come up with your next best idea. (For more creative inspiration, consider recording your dreams in a sleep journal.)

4. It will help you relax

When we take a nap, we feel like we’re on a mini-vacation. Don’t you agree? The quiet alone time, just you and your comfy pillow can be the perfect time to rest and unwind. Even if you don’t actually fall asleep, just laying down with your eyes closed can be very relaxing. Give it a try and you’ll find that you rise in a zen-like state. Cool, calm and collected.

5. It will improve your mood

Nobody likes a cranky colleague, friend or family member. Sometimes we just need a timeout to process our thoughts and emotions, and you guessed it – nap. Studies show that sleeping is a natural mood booster. So if you’re feeling a temper tantrum coming on, lie down for a kip. Just 20 minutes of shut-eye can go a long way in lifting your spirits. (To improve your mood further, why not nap with your canine best friend? Discover the benefits of sleeping with your dog by your side.)

6. It will make you more productive

Laziness and napping are not synonymous. As we explained earlier, napping, the right way, tends to make us more alert. And this, in turn, makes us more productive. So instead of urging your tired employees to drink another cup of coffee, why not let them take a quick power nap? It might be just the pick me up they need to get the job done.

Take a nap and experience the rewards

Whether you are a nap person or not, some afternoon shut-eye can be hugely beneficial to your work and social life. The next time you’re feeling a little down and out, will you choose to take a nap? If yes, we’ve got just the mattress and pillow you need! Explore Meelu online.