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Revenge bedtime procrastination: What it is and why you should avoid it

revenge bedtime procrastination

It’s quarter past your bedtime. And you think, hmm, I should probably get some shuteye. But then you think about that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch and the shopping cart you still need to check out from your favourite online store. And you think, hey, I’ve got time for those things right now. … Read more

6 Reasons to take a nap in the afternoon

take a nap

A quick catnap in the afternoon can be so wonderful, and welcomed if we missed out on sleep the previous night. But is this beloved me-time good for us in the long run? As long as your nap isn’t too long (longer than 90 minutes), we say yes. Sleep is a necessary part of our … Read more

How to choose the best pillow for better sleep

best pillow

It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is important. By the time we hit the hay, we need to regenerate and refresh. So as expected, comfort is key. Not only is your mattress an important aspect in this regard, but your pillow is too. If your sleep patterns have been a bit disrupted … Read more