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Revenge bedtime procrastination: What it is and why you should avoid it

revenge bedtime procrastination

It’s quarter past your bedtime. And you think, hmm, I should probably get some shuteye. But then you think about that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch and the shopping cart you still need to check out from your favourite online store. And you think, hey, I’ve got time for those things right now. … Read more

How to get little ones to go to sleep on Christmas Eve

go to sleep

The holiday season is an exciting time for both adults and children alike. But when it’s Christmas Eve, kids tend to bounce off the walls with anticipation! (Can you blame them? The tree is literally surrounded by presents.) With all the festive ongoings, it can be hard to get your little ones to go to … Read more

6 Natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

No one wants to face the day feeling groggy, irritable or flat-out exhausted. This is where a good night’s sleep is crucial (and a memory foam Meelu Mattress, of course.) But unfortunately, many of us are no stranger to the insomnia monster. Whether brief bouts of sleeplessness during periods of stress, or a more long-term … Read more

The best ways to sleep during pregnancy

best ways to sleep during pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy. We’re sure this is an exciting time for you and your growing family. The joys of pregnancy are said to be like none other. And what could compare? You are bringing new life into the world, after all! To carry this joy and positivity through the next nine months, we’re here … Read more

Learn how to wake up early so you can catch that worm

Waking up

Getting to sleep late is easy for a lot of us. But waking up early in the morning? Now, that’s a whole other story. Do you want to learn how to wake up early so you can finally start the jogging routine, new book, or morning meditations you’ve been fantasising about? Then now’s the time. … Read more