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7 tips for deeper sleep: A guide for light sleepers

7 tips for deeper sleep: A guide for light sleepers

It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is important. But for some of us, simply going to bed at a reasonable hour isn’t enough to guarantee quality sleep. (Light sleepers, you know what we’re talking about!) Factors like stress, age, and general sensory sensitivity all play a role in sleep duration. But luckily, there are lifestyle adjustments that can help even the most restless to fall asleep. (There’s also a premium memory foam mattress available for order online – but we’ll get to that later.) Let’s look at seven tips for deeper sleep that light sleepers can benefit from.

tips for deeper sleep

Are you a light sleeper? Explore these tips for deeper sleep

1. Work out every day

Studies show that 150 minutes of vigorous exercise a week makes you twice as likely to get a good night’s sleep. So sweat and sleep go hand in hand! Along with sunlight exposure from being outdoors, exercise can make a big difference in regulating a healthy circadian rhythm. Just be sure to avoid high-intensity workouts right before bed, as the rush of energy tends to keep you up.

2. Practise yoga

A sense of calm and balance not only benefits the mind and body, but also promotes better sleep. The cyclical nature of many yoga routines, coupled with moments of lying flat on your back, has been shown to encourage deep, slow-wave sleep. And unlike vigorous exercise, they can be done right before bedtime. Check out these relaxing yoga poses for inspiration.

3. Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary

If you’re looking for tips for deeper sleep, the one’s essential. Your bedroom should be a place for sleep – where you go to wind down and relax before nodding off naturally. If you’re a light sleeper, make sure your bedroom is ideally set up for sleep. Warm light, cool temperature, no electronics, soothing fragrances, peaceful sounds, and plush textures should typify your sleep sanctuary.

tips for deeper sleep

4. Try sleeping with a mask

Too much light shining into your bedroom can cause you to have disrupted sleep. Even a switched on bedside table lamp can be enough to keep you up. If you battle to block out the world when hitting the hay, try literally blocking it out with a quality eye mask.

5. Play pink noise

Just like light, sound can keep light sleepers awake at night. If loud weather, hooting cars and crying babies next door get you rolling around under the duvet, try cancelling out the racket with pink noise. This kind of noise simulates calming sounds of nature, like waves crashing on the shore, falling rain, and forest sounds.

6. Turn on the fan

To encourage deeper sleep, you should keep your bedroom at a cool temperature (as mentioned earlier). You can switch on the ceiling fan, standing fan or air conditioner to drop your room temperature by a few degrees. Around 18℃ is ideal for sleep.

7. Invest in a new mattress

You knew this one was coming! Out of all of our tips for deeper sleep, we would say this one is the most important. Your mattress should be firm, yet comfortable, and designed to support you in all the right places. If yours has seen better days, replace it with a new one made of top-quality memory foam. Invest in the Meelu Mattress today for your ultimate sleep experience.

Make the most of our tips for deeper sleep

Light sleepers, we understand your struggle. But rest assured, your sleeping patterns can be improved. Follow these tips for deeper sleep and order our luxury memory foam mattress to change your sleeping habits and better your life.