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5 reasons to fall in love with your new mattress

5 reasons to fall in love with your new mattress

Love is in the air. And we hope in your bed too. (In terms of the mattress, of course!) If your bed is feeling a little worse for wear, and you’re thinking you might like to invest in a new mattress before Valentine’s Day, then why not start a love affair with Meelu? Our flagship product the Meelu Mattress is designed with you and your partner in mind, giving you the perfect sleep experience for many happy and well-rested years together. Click here to read the benefits of sharing a bed.

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Why a new mattress from Meelu is the best Valentine:

1. It is easy to set up

Your Meelu Mattress arrives in a box – which makes moving it to your bedroom so much easier than a regular mattress. All you have to do is follow a few basic steps. Ready? Then let’s begin! Slide your rolled up mattress out of the box. Place it on your bed frame with the white side facing up and the Meelu label at the foot of the frame. Cut the first layer of plastic off and unroll the mattress. Cut the second layer of plastic off and watch it expand in minutes. Simple and speedy comfort – just the way you like it.

2. It’s designed for everyone

The Meelu Mattress is engineered with four layers of premium memory. See how your Meelu is made. Our close collaboration with top foam manufacturers and years of industry-leading research has helped us design a universally comfortable mattress. So you and your partner are bound to love your Meelu, regardless of your body shape and sleep style.

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3. It supports you in all the right places

To keep you comfy all night long, we use the latest memory foam technology in our mattress design. And this includes specialised support zones to align your spine and provide you with extra comfort. So basically, your Meelu is designed for your entire body – head, neck, shoulders and hips. You’re welcome.

4. It is great value for money

Your new mattress from Meelu is built to last. In fact, with proper care, it can help you sleep beautifully every night for fifteen years or more. That works out to as little as R1,31 a night – – some serious bang for your buck if you ask us.

5. The mattress cover is washable

Not only is your Meelu Mattress beautifully designed, but it comes with a convenient zip-and-wash removable cover, allowing you to keep your mattress in ship shape. To clean your cover, remove only the white comfort layer with the removable zip every six months and simply pop it in the wash. Easy peasy.

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Celebrate the month of love with a new mattress

We all love a new mattress on Valentine’s Day. And not just for the obvious reason (wink wink), but for the assurance of quality sleep for many years to come, snuggled up next to our special someone. Order your Meelu Mattress now and we’ll deliver it to your door within three to seven working days.