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Which bed size is best for you?

Which bed size is best for you?

When choosing the perfect bed size for you, there are few factors to consider. For example, the dimensions of your bedroom, whether or not you will be sharing a bed with a partner, your respective heights, and your individual sleeping habits. Not to mention your budget! Let’s take a look at the different bed sizes offered by Meelu, and see which is best suited to your specific needs.

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Find your perfect bed size:

Single bed

The most cost-effective of the bed sizes – if you’ve got a smaller bedroom, a single bed will take up less space and so make your room feel larger. They are also ideal for children, younger teenagers and the elderly who generally sleep alone and require less space to sprawl out. Our Single Meelu Mattress is 1880mm x 910mm x 250mm. If you’re interested click here to place an order.

Three-quarter bed

For growing teenagers and young adults, the three-quarter bed is a great choice of bed size. And it’s small enough to fit in a smaller bedroom, like in a university residence or dorm room, but large enough to be comfortable for those with larger builds. What’s more, this size bed is easy to move around, making it suitable for temporary living situations. Our three-quarter memory foam mattress is 1880mm x 1070mm x 250mm – find out more.

Double bed

Double beds are a popular choice of bed size, and work well for single adults and couples with  slim builds. If you sleep with a partner, though, you might find it a little difficult to roll over in a double bed! Ours is 1880mm x 1370mm x 250mm. Place an order now and we’ll deliver to your door for free.

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Queen bed

Happy couples tend to love a queen bed. It offers ample space for an independent sleep, while keeping you close enough to create an intimate setting. Our queen-sized Meelu is 1880mm x 1520mm x 250mm, and will fit easily in most master bedrooms. Shop this product online.

King bed

And now for the most majestic of all bed sizes! The king is the largest bed size available, and is so luxuriously spacious – it can fit you, your partner, your kids, and even the pets! A true family-size bed that’s ideal for movie nights and relaxed breakfasts in bed. If you have the space for it, trust us, this bed is a winner. Our king-sized Meelu Mattress is 1880mm x 1830mm x 250mm. Click here to place an order.

Extra Length

Did you know some of our mattress sizes come in an extra length option? If you want more space at the foot of your bed for your furry friends, or perhaps – in the case of taller people – to support your feet, check out the bed sizes we have in extra length.

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Nomatter your bed size, choose Meelu for ultimate comfort

The memory foam Meelu Mattress offers plush, pillowy comfort and support in all the right places. Shop the Meelu Mattress in your perfect bed size today.