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Sleep better together: The benefits of sharing the bed

Sleep better together: The benefits of sharing the bed

Love is in the air, and there’s nothing we all love more than snuggling in bed with our significant other. Right? Besides the obvious benefits of sharing a bed, did you know sleeping with your partner (actual eyes-closed sleep), has a positive effect on your health and relationship? Despite the minor inconveniences – perhaps you’re sharing with a snorer or duvet hogger – your quality of sleep is likely higher if you’re tucking in with your special someone. Ready to find out why you sleep better together than apart? We’ve got five great benefits for you below. 

5 Reasons you sleep better with your partner

1. You feel safe and secure

When you think back to your childhood, do you remember having any trouble sleeping? Chances are, probably not. That’s because as a child, your parents provide a sense of safety and security, necessary for restorative sleep. The older you get, the more this role shifts from your parents to yourself. Now, as an adult in a romantic relationship, it’s our partners who make us feel safe and protected. While you may not realise it, it’s this feeling of security that helps you sleep better. Not only do you sleep more soundly, but you and your partner tend to fall asleep quicker too. 

2. Improved quality of sleep

There’s always an adjustment period when you and your partner first move in together. When you’re used to having your Meelu Mattress to yourself, it can take some time to adapt to another body in the bed. But once your sleep positions align, you’ll begin to experience better quality sleep regularly. Mostly, this is due to the warm, fuzzy feeling you experience during intimate moments, caused by the release of oxytocin (the love hormone). It’s this chemical which helps you fall asleep quicker, allowing more time for deep, restorative sleep.

3. Reduces feelings of anxiety

There are more ways than one that oxytocin helps you sleep better. The love hormone also helps lower your cortisol levels, the chemical responsible for your feelings of stress and anxiety. Anyone who’s ever had something worrying play on their mind knows that anxiety can make falling asleep difficult. Falling asleep is near impossible when you’re tossing and turning, and often you’ll wake up frequently during the night. But, sharing the bed with your other half helps soothe your anxiety, making a good night’s sleep possible.  

4. Lowers your blood pressure

If falling asleep quicker and feeling less stressed didn’t win you over, there’s yet another benefit to increased oxytocin levels: reduced blood pressure. Yes, sleeping beside your partner is valuable to your health. A study on sleep and intimacy conducted at the University of North Carolina showed women who had higher levels of oxytocin had the lowest blood pressure. If that isn’t a reason to snuggle up to your S.O, we don’t know what is. 

5. Gives your relationship a boost

While everyone wants to improve their slumber, the strengthened connection between you and your partner is the ultimate benefit of sharing the bed. Spending each night together, safe and warm in each other’s arms, helps build a deeper level of emotional attachment.

When it comes down to it, climbing into bed with your love is the best way to end the day. Together, you can tackle anything life throws at you, all because you’ve had a quality night’s sleep. Do you and your partner want to experience the best sleep you’ve ever had? It’s time to sleep better with Meelu. Our premium, four-layer foam mattress will have you snoring in unison before you can finish counting to ten. Order yours today.