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How to choose the best pillow for better sleep

How to choose the best pillow for better sleep

It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is important. By the time we hit the hay, we need to regenerate and refresh. So as expected, comfort is key. Not only is your mattress an important aspect in this regard, but your pillow is too. If your sleep patterns have been a bit disrupted as of late, consider investing in a new one that meets the criteria for a good night’s sleep – one that’s firm enough, suits your mattress, and keeps you comfy all night long. Our memory foam pillow does all of these things and more, making it one of the – if not the – best pillow around.

Ask yourself, is it time for new pillows?

If your pillow has passed its ‘sell-by date’, it will display some clear warning signs. If it’s lumpy and stained, this should be reason enough to replace it. And waking up tired, with aches and pains in your neck and shoulders is another clear indication that you need a new one. No one should wake up feeling worse than they did before going to bed. Sneezing a lot is another telltale sign you need to ditch it, as this indicates dust mite build up in it. And if you constantly feel the need to re-fluff it, and when you fold it in half it stays like that – yes, your best pillow days are before you for sure. 

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3 things to keep in mind when choosing your best pillow

1. Fullness

When looking at new pillows, you’ll want to pick a firmness that provides the most comfort. And this will largely depend on your sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, you’ll need a fuller pillow that fills the gap between your head and shoulders, keeping your neck aligned to avoid strain. If you sleep on your back, you’ll need a thinner one to fit comfortably behind your head while you sleep. And if you’re a stomach sleeper, the same applies – flat pillows will support the neck’s natural curve. 

Don’t you wish there were pillows on the market to suit all sleep styles? Well, good news, we’ve got one in stock – and it’s a moulding miracle, keeping you supported in all the right places. Discover the Meelu Pillow.

2. Your current mattress

Your pillow doesn’t work on its own to deliver comfort while you sleep. It works in conjunction with your mattress. If your mattress is soft, a thinner pillow will compliment it better than a fuller one – regardless of your sleeping position. If your mattress is soft, you will naturally sink into it, leaving less space between your pillow and head, and eliminating the need for a fuller one. However, the opposite applies to firmer mattresses. Firmer mattresses are better suited to fuller pillows, as they will prop you up more and leave a bigger gap between you and your pillow.

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3. Breathability

Hot and sweaty nights are not conducive to a good night’s sleep – we’re sure you would have experienced this at some stage. So, when choosing new pillows, make sure it’s made of a lighter filling so that air can pass through it. For example, pillows made of polyester and shredded foam are great options as opposed to ones made of a single slab of foam.

Feeling the heat as you sleep? Keep cool and comfortable with our memory foam pillow, filled with foam chips for ultimate breathability. 

Find your best sleep, choose your best pillow

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