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Sleep advice for new parents

Have you recently welcomed a new baby into the world? If so, we bet you’re feeling it. Newborns are delightful little creatures, but boy do they demand your attention. And this can no doubt affect your sleep cycle. If you feel like you could be getting more sleep, don’t worry – there are ways to … Read more

Is a smartwatch sleep tracker worth investing in?

smartwatch sleep tracker

Smartwatches are all the rage. With these nifty devices on our wrists, we can access reams of information about our daily activities. From exercise and movement minutes to our sleep cycles, your smartwatch tracks it all. But the question is – how useful is this data? As a memory foam mattress company, we are most interested … Read more

Sleep better with a sleep journal by your side

sleep journal

Tossing and turning got you enduring sleepless nights? If it’s not an uncomfortable mattress causing your restless sleep, your dreams may have something to do with it. Or perhaps your daytime habits are the culprit. Here’s an idea, why not use this extra time at home to discern what it is that’s keeping you up? … Read more

How to choose the best pillow for better sleep

best pillow

It goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is important. By the time we hit the hay, we need to regenerate and refresh. So as expected, comfort is key. Not only is your mattress an important aspect in this regard, but your pillow is too. If your sleep patterns have been a bit disrupted … Read more

Sleep better together: The benefits of sharing the bed

sleep better

Love is in the air, and there’s nothing we all love more than snuggling in bed with our significant other. Right? Besides the obvious benefits of sharing a bed, did you know sleeping with your partner (actual eyes-closed sleep), has a positive effect on your health and relationship? Despite the minor inconveniences – perhaps you’re … Read more