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6 Natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

6 Natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

No one wants to face the day feeling groggy, irritable or flat-out exhausted. This is where a good night’s sleep is crucial (and a memory foam Meelu Mattress, of course.) But unfortunately, many of us are no stranger to the insomnia monster. Whether brief bouts of sleeplessness during periods of stress, or a more long-term problem, insomnia is never a welcomed experience. So let’s learn how to stop it from rearing its ugly head. Try out these six natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety, and start enjoying better sleep and more energetic days.

natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

Natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety:

1. Aromatherapy

Smelling essential oils can have a powerful effect on your wellbeing, especially when paired with soft mood lighting and relaxing music. For example, lavender, spikenard, vetiver, frankincense, myrrh, and clary sages are known to ease anxiety and encourage a good night’s sleep. Light a candle or two in your bedroom before starting your wind-down routine to induce a calm state of mind. Read more about aromatherapy for sleep.

2. Relaxation yoga

Yoga is a popular activity for relaxation, bringing your mind to the moment with soothing, repetitive motions. While some yoga practices can be more up-tempo and stimulating, many involve light stretching and meditation. A great anxiety-busting addition to your pre-bedtime routine. Learn how you can use yoga to sleep better.

3. Exercise

Keeping up with a regular exercise routine can make a world of difference to your sleep patterns. Just 30 minutes of vigorous exercise per day has been shown to improve sleep duration and quality. As far as natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety go, this one’s almost guaranteed to affect your sleep. But be patient! You might only start to see an improvement after a few weeks.

4. Exposure to sunlight

Daylight helps to synchronise your body’s natural clock. When we are exposed to sunlight, our bodies produce wake-up hormones, and when it gets dark, sleep-inducing melatonin. It’s important for us to get out and about every day, even if just for a few minutes, to receive the sunlight we need to feel alert. Establishing an outdoor morning routine is a great way to ensure you get into the light, so your body clock can become accustomed to normal day and night time cycles.

5. Journalling

When you’re worrying about something, it’s harder to fall asleep. Instead of stewing on lists of things to do, rather write them down in a sleep journal and pick up where you left off tomorrow. When you’ve got your thoughts down on paper, you will worry less about forgetting them and be able to go to sleep. Discover more benefits of keeping a sleep journal.

6. Pro-sleep foods

The chemical properties of many fruits, nuts, proteins and grains make us feel drowsy, which can, in turn, help us fall asleep. Drinking a glass of melatonin-rich cherry juice with dinner, for example, might be all it takes to get you to conk out. Almonds are another great food for insomniacs, as they contain calcium and magnesium – both essential for a good night’s sleep. And the potassium in bananas helps muscles relax, which can also contribute to better sleep.

natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

Sleep soundly using natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety

If you’re looking for simple natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety, why not give these six a try? You might find a simple lifestyle adjustment is all it takes to slay the beast, so you can start enjoying a replenishing and rejuvenating sleep, every night.
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